The Proverbs 31 Woman

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So, I am 37 years old, married 16 years, mom to 2 beautiful girls, hold a piece of a masters/doctoral degree, I love and submit to Jesus as Lord, and I do the incredibly prestigious work of a stay-home wife and mom. There it is! My resume. My credentials. Everything that qualifies me to speak into the lives of the women like me who will read this blog. The women who are telling themselves that because your resume doesn’t read like the makings of a “Life Well-Lived” feature, then what could you possibly have to offer anyone else that might matter. Plenty! Your story, however mundane and insignificant it may seem to you, contains some of the very keys that are going to unlock someone else’ bondage.

Think about that. Let’s just say that on that day when you meet your Creator, your resume remains just as unimpressive as you feel it is at this very moment…except…there was that moment when you were brave enough to share your story, and the insights and wisdom you gained along the way. And one person listening heard exactly what God knew would awaken the greatness in them, and just like that, you were instrumental in helping someone else move from ineffective to having an impact. From obscurity to greatness. Guess what. That matters! You've just made a difference.

We must make peace with the fact that everybody won’t be Billy Graham. Somebody’s gotta be Mordecai Ham – the man who led Billy Graham to Christ.  I've found that there's a beautiful liberty in the contentment and courage to do what God created me to do, and if that's to be someone else' "Mordecai Ham" I am perfectly content with that. In fact, you may recall that in the story of Esther, God was able to use Mordecai (who had an unwavering commitment to God) in obscurity long before He elevated him publicly. Don't get me wrong; I believe we should all strive for greatness, but greatness comes in many shapes and sizes. And we shouldn't let the world define what God's greatness looks like on us. For the Mordecai's of the world, greatness happens on the smaller stage, at the palace gates instead of in the palace, but it is greatness nonetheless.

All that said, the fact is, this isn’t about who I am or what I’ve accomplished - whether I'm a Ham or a Graham. It was never about me, and I get that now. I've learned that we can’t rely on status, accomplishments, or even popularity to measure our effectiveness, or our greatness. Neither can we rely on these factors to determine the red and green lights in our lives. Instead, it was always about simply being obedient in sharing the treasures God has put in me, in the hopes that somebody…anybody…will read it and find liberty, hope, and courage to move forward in becoming and doing what God has put in them to do. And together, we build a network that will advance His Kingdom. we go! 


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