The Proverbs 31 Woman


About Us


Let me start by sharing this poem God gave me for our wedding invitations more than 16 years ago:

Two children so young

Destined together to grow old

Not knowing the love

Their God would unfold.

A love only God could’ve started

And only God will be finishing

That love is ever growing

Never dying or diminishing.

For just a little bit of context: My husband and I are childhood sweethearts. We met at church when we were nine and 10 years old, shared a mutual childhood crush, went our separate ways during high school (losing contact for several years), and reconnected when we were in college. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now with that context in mind, the words of this poem have proven to be foundational in all of the things we see unfolding in our lives today, and the greater that we believe is still to come. Admittedly, at the time we penned these words, our short-sighted thinking assumed this dealt strictly with the context of “marital love” - you know…all those warm and fuzzy feelings we’ve been conditioned to reduce “love” to mean. So you can just imagine how overwhelming this love feels now that we are starting to realize that it truly is so much bigger than “us” – him and me. This love for God, His Kingdom, His people, being a part of His plan, each other, and the two beautiful girls He’s blessed us with is so magnificent and expansive, it truly embodies what it means for God to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we ask or think (Ephesians 3:20).

The 20-year-old Kita who wrote those words had no idea just how much purpose and promise God had in store for me, and all of it was conceived and groomed in love. A love that passionately desires to see others come into a growing relationship with God through Jesus. A love that values the privilege of raising His next generation of godly women above any other ambition. A love that burns with a desire to help those who suffer tremendous needs – those marginalized by society. A love that feels an aching responsibility to help marriages overcome even the worst of hardships, exemplifying victory and our marital relationship with Christ Jesus. A love that drives me to effect change in our culture regarding social issues so that others don’t have to suffer some of the hardships we’ve suffered. A love that causes me to use every gift God has given me to enrich the lives of others, no matter how trivial or grand the deed may be. A love that causes my husband and I to dream of creating opportunities for future Chris’s and Kita’s. A love that desires to leave this world a better place while advancing the Kingdom of God. So that’s why we’re here, and we’re grateful for everyone who chooses to grace this site and join us on this journey!